Two Years Working for You


Just two short years ago, Rachel Notley’s government—the first NDP government in Alberta’s history—was sworn in in front of a crowd of thousands at the Alberta Legislature.

Today, we’re celebrating two years of getting results for Alberta families. Here are just a few of the things we’ve done over the last two years to make life better here in Alberta:   

1. Affordable child care

Our $25/day daycare program creates affordable child care spaces for families—and jobs for daycare workers.  

2. Better health care

We’ve delivered on our promise for better health care by reversing PC cuts, improving home care for seniors and building new hospital infrastructure like emergency rooms and neonatal intensive care units.  

3. Secured two pipeline approvals

Because of Rachel Notley’s leadership, our natural resources will be brought to new markets by two newly approved pipelines.

4. Real action on climate change

Our Climate Leadership Plan is helping Alberta take action on climate change while protecting the province’s health, environment and economy.

5. Took big money out of politics

We passed Bill 1 to take union and corporate donations out of Alberta politics. Ensuring no single individual has significant influence over a political party or candidate brings democracy back to the people.

6. Increased Alberta’s minimum wage

We’ve raised our province’s minimum wage to pay lower-end earners a fair wage. In 2018, we’ll take the next step and raise the minimum wage to $15/hour.

7. Froze college & university tuition fees

We announced that there would be no increase in tuition or fees at universities, colleges, and technical schools for two years and committed to an overall review of post-secondary education funding.

8.  Diversified the economy

We’re building a more diversified, resilient economy by finding new opportunities and adding value to areas where Alberta is already successful—whether that be craft beer, small business or petrochemicals.    

9. Banned door-to-door energy sales

The ban on door-to-door energy sales protects Alberta consumers from misleading, high-pressure sales tactics for energy products such as furnaces, water heaters and air conditioners.  

10. Created more space in women’s shelters

Our $15 million investment to help women impacted by domestic violence was deemed “historic” by advocates. This new funding is helping victims find safe homes and will hire more outreach workers.