43 years and the PCs still can’t get it right: Mason

EDMONTON – New Democrat Treasury Board and Finance critic, Brian Mason released the following statement in response to the Premier’s comments at Economic Development Edmonton’s IMPACT luncheon today:

“The price of oil goes up and down. This is something every Albertan understands and so it is unconceivable how, after 43 years, this government is not prepared for low oil prices.
“Alberta has enjoyed windfall royalties, revenue other provinces could only dream of, but instead of creating a long term sustainable plan for the future of our province, the PCs have offered huge tax breaks for corporations and wealthy Albertans.
“The PCs have reduced corporate taxes by a third and maintained a flat tax that has given a massive break to very wealthy Albertans.
“The PCs have relied on volatile royalty revenues to pay for public services for far too long, and now as prices drop again they’re asking regular Albertans to pay for PC mistakes and mismanagement.
“We shouldn’t have to lay off teachers and nurses every time the price of oil drops.
“The New Democrats will not support a sales tax while corporations and very wealthy Albertans continue to get off scot-free. The NDP continues to call on the PCs to protect our key public services, to scrap the flat tax and introduce a progressive taxation system where every Albertan pays their fair share.”