8 Remaining Questions on Kenney’s Taxpayer-funded UCP Banquet

To err is human, to expense is entitled

  1. How much money did Jason Kenney and the UCP raise at this taxpayer-funded banquet?
  2. Were taxpayers on the hook for hotel, transportation costs and per diems too?
  3. When did Jason Kenney find out this UCP banquet was billed to taxpayers?
  4. Has the UCP caucus checked other similar events they’ve charged to taxpayers to make sure they’re error-free?
  5. If this was an error, why did Prab Gill stick to talking about constituency work while Jason Kenney’s speech was entirely about party work?
  6. Will a staffer be fired this time, like the last time Jason Kenney admitted to fundraising on the taxpayer dime?
  7. What is the best model of bus to throw a staffer under?
  8. Was this planned as a caucus event or a party event, or does it just not matter when you’re as entitled as Jason Kenney and the UCP?