Rachel Notley's NDP to create 3,000 student jobs by restoring STEP

EDMONTON - Today, Rachel Notley announced that the NDP will help create 3,000 jobs for students this summer by restoring the Summer Temporary Employment Program, which was eliminated by the PCs in 2013.


"Alberta's students deserve to have the best job opportunities this summer," said Notley. "That's why the NDP will help open doors for young Albertans by restoring STEP and undoing the damage caused by the PCs' reckless cut. By investing in young Albertans, we will help students take their first step up the ladder - and we will help build our province's future."

The Summer Temporary Employment Program was established by PC Premier Peter Lougheed in 1972 to help create summer job opportunities for students. After forty years of successfully partnering with community organizations and municipalities to create good student jobs, the PC government axed the program in 2013. The Premier even dismissed STEP as a "crutch" and refused to listen to widespread calls to restore the program.

Today, Notley announced that the NDP will restore STEP by investing $10 million annually to create 3,000 student jobs each year.

"Peter Lougheed created STEP in his first year as Premier, but now this PC Party has turned its back on his vision and destroyed thousands of student job opportunities," said Notley. "By reversing the PCs' cut and restoring STEP, we will create new opportunities for students to gain the experience and skills they need to enter the workforce and continue their learning outside the classroom."



Rachel Notley’s NDP will restore STEP and help create 3,000 student jobs this summer. 


Our Plan:

  • The NDP will restore funding for the Summer Temporary Employment Program (STEP) by investing $10 million annually.
  • By investing in job opportunities for students and partnering with municipalities and community organizations, we will help create 3,000 jobs for students each year.



  • STEP was established by PC Premier Peter Lougheed in 1972 – within his first year in office.
  • For forty years, STEP facilitated a partnership between the provincial government and municipalities, community organizations, and non-profit groups in order to create temporary summer jobs for students that would not otherwise be created. The government provided funding to help create the positions and share the cost of wages with employers.
  • The program provided an opportunity for employers to discover new talent while providing important learning experiences and skills-development opportunities for students.
  • The PCs eliminated STEP in the 2013 budget. Despite widespread calls from community leagues, non-profit organizations, and municipalities to restore funding, the PCs refused to reverse their decision.
  • In its final budget year (2012-13), STEP cost approximately $7 million.
  • On March 11, 2013, PC Premier Alison Redford dismissed the contributions of STEP, telling the Legislative Assembly that STEP was “a crutch.” Redford was widely criticized for dismissing the program’s successful forty-year history and ongoing value as an important job creation program for Alberta’s students.