A Statement from NDP Human Services critic David Eggen on the latest death of a child in care

EDMONTON – New Democrats Human Services critic David Eggen released the following statement today after learning of the death of a 19 month old girl who was receiving services from the province.

“I am saddened today to read about the passing of a 19 month old baby girl who was receiving government services. The government has reported this tragic death in a timely manner, however the job of improving child safety only begins with this publication. The next step is to investigate and report what went wrong but this government is making that extremely difficult.

“The New Democrats have repeatedly called on this government to give the Office of the Child and Youth Advocate the necessary resources to investigate every death of a child in care. Not only have the PCs refused to provide that funding, but they recently made a significant cut to the budget of the CYA office.

“This means that as the number of tragic child deaths appears to be increasing, the level of oversight is decreasing. Instead of putting the lives of Alberta children first, this government is tying the hands of the entity put in place to protect them.”