A statement from NDP Leader Rachel Notley in response to rumoured Alberta conservative merger

EDMONTON – NDP Leader Rachel Notley released the following statement today in response to rumours that the PC and Wildrose caucuses plan to merge:

“Today, it is starting to appear that the Alberta Conservatives have committed fraud on many of the people who supported them in the last election.
‘The Conservatives ran a campaign warning voters to defeat the Wildrose party. They whipped up anxiety and fear about a right wing government that they correctly described as out of touch with the values of most Albertans.
“Today, it seems the charade is over, the mask is removed and the Conservatives have proven they were never really worried about the policies of the Wildrose, they were merely worried about the politics of clinging to power.
“Albertans are caring, fair people. They want a government dedicated to public education and public healthcare. They want a government that believes in treating all people equally and they want a government that manages our energy resources for all citizens, not just the big energy companies.
“Alberta’s NDP will lead a government like that. Today, I’m asking every Albertan who voted Conservative to keep the Wildrose out of office, to take another look at us.
“Albertans deserve the progressive government they voted for in 2012. If they vote NDP in the next election, we will deliver it."