Acute Care funding slashed as Minister’s Office costs balloon

EDMONTON — New Democrat Leader Rachel Notley called out the government today for cutting $45 million from vital acute care services in Alberta while the Health Minister's Office gets an extra $14 million for Support Services.

"Cutting our hospitals at a time when the care people receive is already suffering is not just wrong— it's reckless," Notley said.
"We've shown over and over again that our hospitals are at a crisis point, and this PC government's priority is to plump up its Public Relations budget, while they cut $45 million from acute care and expect $950 million in pressures to be “absorbed” by our already overcrowded hospitals.”
The increase includes a $166,000 increase to "Communications" and a $2.1 million increase to "Corporate Strategic Support". "Governance" is costing an additional $9.1 million over last year's budget.
"Our hospitals are where we go in emergencies— when our health or the health of those we love is in jeopardy. But instead of fixing the crisis the PCs have created in Alberta hospitals this government continues to put its own interests ahead of the needs of Alberta families. This budget proves where the PCs’ priorities lie,” said Notley.
Notley has recently released documents detailing long waits in hospitals, overcrowding, postponed surgeries, hundreds of seniors waiting for long-term care and crumbling infrastructure in hospitals in Edmonton, Calgary and Lethbridge.