Alberta New Democrats release Kenney's Playbook

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June 20, 2018


Alberta New Democrats release Kenney's Playbook


EDMONTON - Alberta's New Democrats have released an ad highlighting UCP Leader Jason Kenney's playbook for the 2019 election. 

Watch the ad here.

He wants to give a massive tax giveaway to the richest Albertans, and would pay for it with cuts to healthcare and education. He’s proposed a $700 million tax cut for the wealthiest 1% and openly advocated for introducing two-tier, American-style health care where only the rich get the care they need.[1]

Kenney's playbook is to hide from issues, and from his own extreme policies. Albertans have an important choice to make in 2019 and it’s clear Kenney is not on their team. 



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[1] National Post, January 11, 2018