Approved market modifiers mean 25 lumps of coal to thousands of Alberta students: Notley

EDMONTON – NDP Leader Rachel Notley released the following statement after the PC government announced 25 separate tuition increases at Alberta post-secondary institutions.

“Students have been calling for these loopholes to be eliminated for years. Instead, the PCs have increased tuition for 25 programs, in some places up to 70 per cent.
“At a time when the strength of our oil and gas economy is faltering, our government should be encouraging diversification of our economy, and increasing access to post-secondary is pivotal to that strategy. But instead, the PCs are discouraging young people from receiving training by raising costs.
“Too many young people are starting their lives saddled with mountains of student loan debt, and this PC government just keeps piling on – even in a time of economic uncertainty. Of all the people who should be paying more during times like these, I don’t think students should be at the top of our list.
“I am also very troubled by the timing of this announcement – just two days before Christmas when they hope no one is paying attention. It is the second-most cynical thing I’ve seen from this PC government in the past six days.”