Bill 10 fails Alberta students: NDP

EDMONTON – By introducing Bill 10, the PCs have maintained the status quo, ensuring that Alberta school boards can continue to ban GSAs in schools where students want them, NDP Leader Rachel Notley said today.

“The PCs feel they acknowledged LGBTQ students by removing 11.1 from the Charter of Rights. That is certainly a step forward, but Bill 10 fails to ensure safe and inclusive schools for LGBTQ students, which is the other half of what we are fighting for,” said Notley.
“Neither the NDP or Alberta’s LGBTQ community consider a compromise on the fundamental human rights of the LGBTQ community a victory.”
By introducing Bill 10, the PCs have stifled debate over Bill 202 and by invoking closure on Bill 10, opposition debate over the shortcomings of the bill will be significantly limited.
“This government is doing everything it can to manoeuvre its way out of addressing this issue. Instead of facing Alberta’s LGBTQ students head on, it’s using strategic stall tactics and manipulation,” said Notley.
“Every single Alberta student deserves to be protected and every student should be treated equally no matter their race, religion, sexual orientation or sexual identity. These are fundamental rights of our kids and this government is failing to ensure they are upheld.”