Broad consensus emerging from debate: NDP’s Rachel Notley shines

After a fast-paced debate that saw Jim Prentice attempt take aim at an energetic and focused Notley, a general consensus is beginning to take shape from across the political spectrum and country:

Doug Griffiths, former PC Minister of Municipal Affairs: “The winner: Notley. Confident, well spoken. Prentice: stronger as it went. Swan: true smart gentleman. Lost: Jean. Rhetoric and script.”

Stephen Carter, political strategist and campaign manager to Naheed Nenshi for mayor campaign: “Overall message from Jim Prentice—is ‘choose your future’—and she is standing immediately to my left.’”

Paul Wells, Maclean’s: “But somebody on the stage needed to make Notley sound like a mad statist on a rampage, and nobody came close. She sounded...reasonable.”

David Cournoyer, political pundit: “Rachel Notley is the winner of tonight's debate. She stayed calm and cool, presented a concise message, & avoided Prentice's traps.”

Rick Bell, Calgary Sun: “First half hour. Prentice needs to win. Notley is winning. He goes after her.”

Andrew Coyne, National Post: “Notley easily the sharpest knife in this drawer, and the most likeable. Swann makes me want to cut my right arm off.”