Cuts to Legislative Officers’ funding an attack on Democracy: NDP

EDMONTON – As the Prentice PCs work to swallow up the Official Opposition, they also made cuts today to the budgets of independent legislative officers- public servants tasked with holding this government accountable, NDP MLA David Eggen said today.

The PC dominated Legislative Offices Committee voted today in favour of cuts to the budgets of the Ethics Commissioner, Child and Youth Advocate, Privacy Commissioner, Ombudsmen, Public Interest Commissioner and Auditor General of 2%, which translates into hundreds of thousands of dollars of funding for the already under-resourced offices.
“The PC attacks on democratic accountability continue. These are independent offices created to scrutinize the government. They provide an essential service to Albertans and by cutting their funding the PCs are compromising their ability to do their jobs effectively,” said Eggen.
“These cuts serve as a signal that deeper cuts will be coming to the public services that Albertans rely on, things like healthcare and education. The PCs continue to prove that they will always put their own interests ahead of that of Alberta families,” said Eggen.