Documents show patients waiting over 70 hours to be admitted

EDMONTON –New Democrat Leader Rachel Notley released documents today showing patients are waiting over 70 hours to be admitted in one of Edmonton’s major hospitals and over 40 hours in other Alberta emergency departments.

“These are the patients who are facing serious illnesses and injuries and need to be admitted to the hospital for treatment and instead they’re spending days waiting in emergency departments for a bed to open. That is unacceptable,” said Notley.
The PCs set an 8 hour admission benchmark for themselves as part of the 2010 5 Year Health Plan. Now, five years later internal AHS data shows not a single hospital in Alberta is meeting that target.
In the first quarter of 2015, wait times for the 90th percentile of patients are frightening.

  • Sturgeon Community Hospital: 71.9 hours
  • Grey Nuns Community Hospital: 50.4 hours
  • Misericordia Community Hospital: 42.8 hours
  • Red Deer Regional Hospital: 34 hours
  • Queen Elizabeth II Hospital: 33.5 hours

“This government has failed to make health care a priority in this province and Albertans are paying for it. This data proves that whatever the PCs are doing isn’t working and in some cases, it’s actually making the problem worse,” said Notley.
“We need a government that is willing to follow through with promises and fix our health care system. This government has had 43 years to do the right thing and take care of our province’s most vulnerable and they’ve failed.”