Ethic Commissioner’s findings show Accountability Act falls short: NDP

EDMONTON – In dismissing the complaints against Premier Prentice and Stephen Mandel, the Ethics Commissioner’s decision highlights the continued failings of PC accountability including their new act, NDP Leader Rachel Notley said today.

The Office of the Ethics Commissioner released its report today into a series of high profile public funding announcements made by Prentice and Mandel during their personal by-election campaigns.

The Commissioner has dismissed allegations from opposition parties that public dollars were used to further Mandel and Prentice’s own political interests.
“What we saw during the by-elections was obvious electioneering. The PCs paraded their candidates around, letting them make funding announcements on the public dime. They clearly stood to gain from their own political success. They used taxpayer’s dollars to publicize their campaigns and Albertans deserve rules to prevent this in the future,” said Notley.
“Less than two days after the Prentice PCs passed their act, we’ve got a clear example of why it doesn’t work.”
The New Democrats released the party’s own accountability priorities, prior to Bill 2 being read.
In it, Notley called for the elections legislation to be amended to ensure that government departments stop publishing information on their programs or activities, 90 days before an election date. Similar legislation exists in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.
Similar allegations against Gordon Dirks will be dealt with in a separate report.