Hollow Promises: New CRH Hospital Units Remain Empty

LETHBRIDGE – Two new shelled-in inpatient units at Chinook Regional Hospital remain just that – empty shells. Internal documents released by the NDP reveal that the PCs are dragging their feet when it comes to outfitting these units.

“Each day that ticks by, no one in the PCs is standing up for Lethbridge,” said NDP Leader Rachel Notley. “The units exist, but they remain empty – as the population and bed demand in Lethbridge continue to grow. The government needs to act now.”

The documents show that there is a bed shortage in Lethbridge and the units need to be outfitted to maintain acceptable occupancy rates.

“Our community is thriving – and with that means increased use of public services. The PC Government has built the building, but they stopped there,” said NDP Lethbridge-West Candidate Shannon Phillips. “It doesn’t make sense – it’s like a brand new car with no engine under the hood.”

The longer the government waits, the more expensive the project will become. Had this necessary project been started in 2012 alongside the current addition, the government would have saved over $3 million dollars, as opposed to delaying the project until 2016. Now the PCs continue to procrastinate, as costs continue to rise.

“This government has failed to invest our resource wealth wisely,” said Notley. “Project delays cost money. Had the PCs invested when they should have, Lethbridge would not be staring at two empty hospital units.”