HQCA Supportive Living report misses the mark: NDP

EDMONTON – The Health Quality Council of Alberta’s latest report doesn’t match up with what we’re hearing on the ground from the Albertans who are living in supportive living facilities or their families, NDP Seniors critic David Eggen said today.

Eggen was responding to the HQCA’s 2013-2014 Provincial Supportive Living Resident and Family Experience Report that showed residents and their families were satisfied with the overall care they are receiving.
“The results in this report show that staff are doing an excellent job with the resources they have but we know that supportive living facilities in Alberta are chronically under-staffed and under-resourced to point where residents are not getting the care they deserve,” said Eggen.
“The PCs have allowed the quality of care available in supportive living centres to deteriorate by chronically underfunding them and now they are making Alberta seniors pay for their neglect.”
The report surveyed patients and their families in 134 supportive living facilities across the province about their experiences in supportive living facilities. Staffing levels and availability were noted as a serious concern for many residents and their families.
“We hear stories everyday from Albertans who feel their needs are not being met in supportive living facilities. Residents say they are not getting the hygienic care they want or the medical attention they are asking for in a timely manner and at times they feel their safety is compromised,” said Eggen.
“We need a government that is willing to commit to adequately staffing and funding public facilities to ensure that Alberta seniors can have the quality of life and the level of care they deserve.”