Hundreds trapped in hospital beds waiting for long term care

CALGARY – Today, New Democrat Leader Rachel Notley released documents obtained through FOIP that show the number of people waiting in hospital for a long term care bed to open has gone up by over 40 percent across Alberta from December 2013 to December 2014.

“These are our parents and grandparents who deserve to live out their lives comfortably and instead they’re trapped in hospital beds because there is no space for them in the community,” said Notley.
“This PC government has failed to plan and provide for our aging population and their neglect to build the necessary facilities has caused stress for families while also imposing damaging pressure throughout the whole health care system.  The utter failure to provide timely Emergency Services is the ultimate measure of this government’s failure to provide adequate care for our seniors,” said Notley.
The data shows the number of patients waiting in hospital for a Long Term Care bed has steadily increased since January 2012, and been consistently over 400 since August 2014.
The number of patients waiting for a Long Term Care beds in Calgary is especially concerning, increasing from 39 patients waiting in December 2012 to 181 waiting in December 2014.
“The PCs have squandered our unprecedented resource revenue and allowed these vital services to deteriorate. This is not a system that can sustain funding cuts. We need a government that is willing to take care of our seniors and ensure everyone has access to the care they need when they need it,” said Notley.