Internal AHS documents show moms and babies are in danger in Fort McMurray

EDMONTON –New Democrat Leader Rachel Notley released internal AHS documents today that show the Northern Lights Regional Health Centre maternal/child unit is dangerously overcapacity and despite repeated recommendations to expand the centre, the PCs have refused to approve the desperately needed renovations.

“Clearly Alberta families are not a priority for this government. The PCs are willing to put the safety of mothers and infants at risk while they follow an agenda with seriously misplaced priorities. How can this government even talk about imposing a health care premium on families while neglecting health care? It’s just not right and Albertans shouldn’t have to put up with it,” said Notley.
An internal AHS report obtained through a Freedom of Information application shows that the PCs refusal to move forward with the expansion of the maternity centre, is putting patient’s safety at risk.
The report goes on to say, “The community’s needs is (sic) already deficient, and all projections show a significant increase in population in Fort McMurray, which will further compound the problem if action is not taken.”
“This PC government’s blatant neglect of vital health care infrastructure is endangering the safety of expectant mothers and their children. These are some of our society’s most vulnerable citizens and they expect and deserve a safe place to be cared for during such a critical time in their lives,” said Notley.
“The fact that the PCs have known about this critical issue for so long and done nothing shows that either they don’t respect voters or they’re incompetent, or both.”