Internal documents show PCs aware of private health clinic skirting the law

EDMONTON - The PC government has been turning a blind eye to private for-profit healthcare clinics that are double-billing Alberta taxpayers.

Documents obtained under Freedom of Information legislation show a pattern of evasion and inaction by government in the face of mounting evidence that the private health-care clinic has been providing two-tiered health care and double-billing in contravention of the Alberta Health Care Insurance Act.
"Their lack of action tells you all you need to know about where they stand on two-tiered health care. They're letting American-style health care take root in Alberta," Edmonton-Whitemud candidate Dr. Bob Turner said. "To make things worse, this government has been shirking it's responsibility to taxpayers by turning a blind eye to private, for-profit clinics like these double-billing both the public and their clients."
The new documents released today by the New Democrats include an e-mail chain discussing questions about the legality of Edmonton's Copeman Healthcare Clinic. Although the government offered a generic commitment to "fair and equitable access," internal e-mails reveal persistent concerns about the clinic: "there is not a clear distinction between insured and uninsured services."
"The government lied to the public," Turner said. "For years, they've been telling concerned Albertans that these clinics are fine, yet we now know that the federal government and senior provincial staff have been questioning the legality of these clinics. Albertans believe in public health care and they deserve a government that protects it."
A second document, an "Advice to Deputy Minister" briefing reveals that the province has been repeatedly warned by the federal government over private Copeman-style clinics. Despite these warnings, the province has committed to no action other than striking a taskforce.
"Anyone with any experience in Alberta's health care system who looks at the Copeman Clinic's billing records will see that they look fishy," Dr. Turner said. "With Stephen Mandel's record of privatizing crucial public services, he's without question not the right person to fix two-tier health care."