Jason Kenney’s new board and party membership want to repeal GSA legislation – would he?

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May 7, 2018


Jason Kenney’s new board and party membership want to repeal GSA legislation – would he?


EDMONTON - Jason Kenney received a clear message from his party in full support of his opposition to Bill 24, a law to support students joining gay-straight alliances. His new party board supports a lawsuit to get rid of the law. Will he campaign to repeal it?

A majority of members on the new UCP Board of Directors has endorsed the lawsuit against Bill 24, according to a survey taken by social conservative group “Parents for Choice.”[1] New UCP president Erika Barootes stated, “As president, it’s my responsibility to advocate on behalf of all members and all policies they vote in favour of on the floor this weekend.”  The new VP of Communications wrote, “I have no problem with the court case.” The new UCP Secretary wrote, “I believe Bill 24 is poorly drafted.” A new Southern Alberta Director wrote, “I actually helped to get intervenors.” A new Edmonton Director wrote, “This court challenge is a good start!” 

Yesterday, the UCP membership voted 57% in support of fighting the legislation. John Carpay, a social conservative who is leading the court fight against the law, said to the convention, “This resolution’s about Bill 24, which our MLAs voted against in the Legislature, so to affirm this motion is simply to be consistent with what our party has already publicly taken a stance on.”

Kenney later told reporters “we haven’t made a decision, you’ll have to wait for our platform”[2] on whether or not he’ll campaign to repeal to the law.

Jason Kenney’s UCP Board, membership party convention and caucus have all shown their clear opposition to Bill 24. Why can’t he state whether or not he wants to repeal it?


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