Kenney needs to answer for another racist candidate running for his party

EDMONTON - Jason Kenney must answer why candidate Cindy Ross has been allowed to run for his party’s nomination even after making racist comments. 

Ross, running for the UCP nomination in Calgary-Fish Creek tomorrow evening, shared her racist views in an extremist Facebook group. Reacting to news of a new mosque being built in Fort McMurray, Ross wrote, “Right in the middle of our greatest asset. That is a bit like jailing the bank robber in the bank vault.” Her account and comments have been recently deleted, but screenshots exist and are attached:

Ross went on to say the mosque’s construction was “awful news,” that it was an “unbelievably stupid plan,” and “I am Albertan and absolutely hate what I see happening.” 

This isn’t the first time Jason Kenney’s UCP nomination contestants have shared their racist views. In July, Todd Beasley in Brooks-Medicine Hat said Muslims were “Satan worshippers.” Beasley himself endorsed Ross for the UCP nomination. In Calgary-Glenmore, Maureen Gow Zelmer called the Muslim prophet Mohammed a violent pedophile. Sandra Kim, another nomination candidate in Maskwacis-Wetaskiwin, shared her anti-LGBTQ and Islamophobic views on social media, and afterwards, the UCP approved her candidacy.

Jason Kenney has allowed people with hateful views to run for the UCP. He needs to immediately explain why these candidates are allowed to represent his party and answer for the incredibly racist comments of Cindy Ross.