Lifting tuition cap would be further financial burden to Albertan students: Mason

EDMONTON – Alberta New Democrat Advanced Education critic Brian Mason released the following statement today regarding the possibility that the tuition cap for post-secondary institutions may be removed:

eliminated. By even suggesting removing the cap, the PC government has headed down the wrong track,” Mason said.

“The government is toying with the future of young Albertans, and the future of this province. Lifting the cap will open the door to tuition hikes, which will hurt lower and middle-income Albertans’ access to further education, in a province that already has the lowest post-secondary participation rate in Canada.

“After squandering years of prosperity, this government wants students to pay the price for their wrong priorities by forcing them to pay more for their education. Lifting the tuition cap will set the stage for further cuts to institutions and grants, meaning universities will take it out of students’ pockets instead of the PCs taking responsibility for their past mistakes.

“We all benefit from a strong post-secondary system, with a greater diversity of skills, increased economic diversification and more protection from the boom and bust cycle the PCs have put us on. If they remove the tuition cap, the PCs are risking the future of young Albertans and the prosperity of our province.”