Mandel needs to take responsibility for putting patients in danger: NDP

EDMONTON –Patient health and safety was put at risk today after a flood at the Misericordia forced the closure of the Emergency Room to new patients and diverted EMS to other hospitals.

“This government has put Albertan’s lives at risk by neglecting to take action on a serious situation they’ve known about for years. Stephen Mandel needs to take responsibility for failing to fulfill his role and put the health and safety of Alberta families first,” said Notley.
Despite the NDP and healthcare experts raising the alarm over the state of the Misericordia for over a decade, and the case for a new hospital being clearly and repeatedly made, during the 2014 by-election Mandel said that no action could be taken without further study.
During Oral Question Period today, NDP Leader Rachel Notley called the decision, incompetent and grossly negligent.
“The Misericrodia is literally falling apart. Front line workers are telling us that the cafeteria roof which has been leaking for years, finally collapsed today. The Minister doesn’t need more studies to know that the Misericordia cannot continue to adequately provide the quality of care that the booming population of Southwest Edmonton deserves,” said Notley.
The flood also forced the closure of the radiology unit and food prep area of the Misercordia. Because the hospital prepares all patient meals, it is possible that patients may now be transferred.
During Oral Question Period today, Premier Prentice refused to answer direct questions from NDP Leader Rachel Notley about whether the Health Minister should take responsibility for his neglect of the Misericrordia.
Meanwhile the Health Minister failed to provide a specific explanation about how the current crisis will be resolved.