More children have died receiving protective services care than ever before

EDMONTON – Rachel Notley revealed Monday that 31 children in provincial care or receiving protective services have died this year—more than ever before—following the deaths of two more children in recent weeks.

In last week’s provincial budget, the PCs cut over $49 million from services for family and child protection, including a $27 million cut to child intervention.
“These numbers are staggering and they reveal just how damaging cuts to child protection services will be,” Notley said. “Over and over again, we’ve called for adequate funding for the Child and Youth Advocate, and then the budget revealed a cut of over $49 million to the services that are meant to protect these vulnerable children.”
In February, a PC-dominated committee refused to give increased funding to the Child and Youth Advocate, even as the PCs have asked the Child and Youth Advocate to expand its work.
“It’s clear from the spike in the number of deaths of vulnerable children in the system, that not only do we need more funding to investigate and report on deaths, we also need sustainable funding to prevent those deaths. Cuts are not the way to improve services for our most vulnerable children.”