Mr. Prentice doesn't want you to think about his budget

Jim Prentice is desperate that Albertans think about anything other than his budget - a budget he called this election to ratify; a budget the people of Alberta are overwhelmingly rejecting.

Today's effort to divert from the budget includes comments by some of Mr. Prentice's former Ottawa colleagues who want Albertans to know that they won't be voting for the NDP.

We weren't counting on their votes. Unfortunately for Mr. Prentice, he can't count on all of his former caucus colleagues either.

For example, his former colleague Brian Jean, who concluded that it was his duty to run against Mr. Prentice and seek to defeat him in this election.

Another example: Michelle Rempel made financial contributions to Wildrose in 2014.

Why are some of the people who know Mr. Prentice the best working to defeat him in this election?