Alberta’s NDP has written to the Chief Electoral Officer, Glen Resler, and asked him to investigate fundraising activities by Jason Kenney and Unite Alberta that they believe to be in contravention of the Elections Financial Contributions and Disclosures Act.

“There are legitimate questions about Mr. Kenney’s fundraising and spending, and we hope that Elections Alberta can shed some light on this,” said Alberta NDP Provincial Secretary Roari Richardson. “If Mr. Kenney wants to run here, Albertans expect him to follow the rules."

At a meeting of the Special Select Committee on Ethics and Accountability, an Elections Alberta official testified that a candidate may not raise or spend money until an official campaign has been announced. There is plenty of widely-available evidence that Mr. Kenney has been raising and spending money since announcing his leadership bid on July 6, 2016. The PC leadership contest is set to begin in October, with a leadership convention taking place in March.

Further, the Elections Financial Contributions and Disclosures Act states that only individuals may donate to leadership contestants. Given that Unite Alberta is collecting and spending funds on behalf of Mr. Kenney’s leadership campaign, the NDP is raising questions regarding whether this constitutes a non-individual donation.


For more information contact:

Roari Richardson
Provincial Secretary