NDP calls on Alberta Justice to fund life-saving drug addiction program

EDMONTON – Alberta NDP Leader Rachel Notley is calling on the Alberta government to commit to funding the Edmonton Drug Treatment and Community Restoration Court, a unique program in the city that provides a path to meaningful rehabilitation while at the same time improving community safety and saving money.

Thanks to a decrease in federal funding, staff with the drug court program will be out of a job March 31 — meaning the future of the program they provide to recovering addicts is in jeopardy.
Despite the province funding a similar Calgary program, Alberta Justice says they are looking at changing the program due to falling revenue.
“Changing the Drug Court is a penny wise, pound foolish decision on both ends of the spectrum. If anything, we should be looking at providing more funding to the program, not less,” Notley said.
“Not only does the program save the justice system $3.10 for every dollar spent, it also helps rehabilitate offenders so they can get help with their addictions and reduce the likelihood they will reoffend.”
“This is a very successful program that saves lives, but the PCs would rather save a quick buck rather than take a look at the long-term benefits of such a program.”