NDP calls on Dirks to fix space crunch in Elbow schools

CALGARY - Alberta New Democrat candidate for Calgary-Elbow, Stephanie McLean, called on unelected PC Education Minister, Gordon Dirks, to deal with overcapacity schools in Calgary Elbow.

"The PCs have mismanaged our school system into a state of crisis," said McLean. "Schools in Calgary-Elbow are bursting at the seams, and parents are telling us the situation has reached a point where the quality of education their children are receiving, is suffering."
A number of parents of students in Calgary-Elbow wrote letters to by-election candidates in Calgary-Elbow, calling for a commitment to ease the capacity issues by providing more portables.
According to the Calgary Board of Education's 2013-14 enrollment report, William Reid School was at 105 percent capacity - and growing. Elboya School is overcapacity, according to the same 2013-2014 enrollment report, by 130 percent. 
The Calgary board of Education has requested portables to ease the capacity crunch, but parents want to see confirmation from Gordon Dirks that the request will be approved and fulfilled.
"Parents shouldn't have to advocate for adequate classroom space. This infrastructure is a provincial responsibility. The PCs need to offer an immediate solution to this capacity crisis," said Mclean.
"Albertans deserve better. Parents and students in Calgary-Elbow deserve better, that is why I am calling on Mr. Dirks to listen to parents in Elbow and secure the portables they so desperately need."