NDP calls on Klimchuk to set measurable goals to implement OCYA recommendations

EDMONTON – The health and safety of children in this province is clearly not a priority for the Ministry of Human Services or the PCs, NDP Human Services critic, David Eggen, said today.

The Office of Alberta’s Child and Youth Advocate released its annual report this week, highlighting recommendations that the office has made that the PCs have not implemented as well as the number of death and serious injuries of children that did not proceed to full investigation.
“The Advocate confirms what we have known for a long time, that this government refuses to take the necessary steps to protect Alberta’s children and blatantly ignores potential solutions put forward by experts,” said Eggen.
In previous reports, the Office of the Child and Youth Advocate has stressed a need for a structured process that ensures responses to recommendations translate into actual practises. Despite these repeated calls, the latest report says the Ministry of Human Services is still not taking meaningful action.
“The ministry’s responses do not address the recommendations but rather, include a summary of activities that are already underway and do not directly link to the advocate’s recommendations,” said Alberta’s Child and Youth Advocate, Del Graff.
“The PCs are throwing away an opportunity to learn from these tragedies and stop these serious injuries and deaths from happening again in the future,” said Eggen.
“Minister Klimchuk needs to take some serious time to think about the Advocate’s recommendations and lay out tangible, measurable goals to implement them so that Albertans know that real progress is being made.”
 The report also showed that only 10 of 35 serious injuries or deaths will receive a full investigate review this year.
“Although we’re happy to see that more of these serious cases received full review this year as compared to last year, we remain steadfast that every single serious injury or death deserves a full investigation. We continue to call on the Ministry to provide the Office of the Child and Youth Advocate with the necessary resources to carry out those investigations,” said Eggen.