NDP calls on PCs to make GSA survey public

EDMONTON – It’s time we had a clear picture of where GSAs are being allowed and where they are being blocked, NDP Leader Rachel Notley said today.

The New Democrats are calling on the PCs to release the details of a survey the government conducted into where and how many GSAs exist in Alberta schools.
“This government is using that data to decide how it will proceed with Bill 10, so Albertans have a right to see the information in a detailed format, broken down by school board,” said Notley.
The New Democrats have submitted a Freedom of Information request for the information gathered in the PCs GSA survey but Notley is concerned that given the typical timeline for FOIP requests, Albertans will not have access to the information they need for an adequate, informed, public debate.
“Education Minister Dirks released only consolidated information earlier in the session and it fails to provide Albertans with the real picture,” said Notley.
“Based on the the developments over the weekend, we know this issue is heating up. Albertans deserve access to all available information on what kind of support Alberta LGBTQ youth are receiving and where the roadblocks are."
The New Democrats continue to call for legislation to ensure GSAs are allowed in schools where students want them.