NDP calls on Prentice to support investigation into Redford’s cabinet

EDMONTON – Albertans know they must follow the rules and abide by the law and they expect the leaders of this province to do the same and be subject to the same consequences when they don’t, NDP Leader Rachel Notley said today.

Rachel Notley has written a letter to the Auditor General asking him to expand the scope of his special investigation to include the expenses of all members of Redford’s cabinet.
“All of the revelations so far have been founded on Saher’s original audit, but that report was arbitrarily limited to the former Premier’s office. The PCs have tried to use Redford as a scapegoat for what may be a much larger problem,” said Notley.
“Auras of Power can’t be contained; they leak. The report uncovered enough evidence that any reasonable person would doubt that this abuse of public money was limited to Redford’s office,” said Notley.
Notley has written a second letter to Premier Prentice, asking him to support the call. Both letters can be found here.
“Prentice claims that accountability and transparency are priorities for him. Now it’s time for him to walk the talk. It’s reasonable that Albertans feel concerned and it’s important that Prentice take steps to provide the answers they are looking for,” said Notley.