NDP continue to press Prentice PCs to support inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

EDMONTON – NDP Aboriginal Relations critic said Tuesday that the Prentice PCs’ announcement of an education strategy about violence against Indigenous women will continue to fail to meet the needs of Indigenous Albertans until the PCs support an inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, something Prentice has repeatedly refused to do.

“The entire Indigenous community across this country has repeatedly called for an inquiry,” Bilous said. “Raising awareness isn’t enough unless the government will provide meaningful action to get to the bottom of violence against Indigenous women in Alberta and across Canada.”
In September, all 48 Alberta First Nations Chiefs supported a resolution calling on Prentice to support an inquiry, which he rejected. Bilous noted that NDP Leader has also written to Premier Jim Prentice, asking him to support an inquiry.
“When you have the community of chiefs, activists and Indigenous Albertans all calling for an inquiry, it’s obvious that the government needs to change its response. We’re again calling today for the PCs to support an inquiry and we’ll continue to do so,” Bilous said.