NDP Finance critic Brian Mason releases statement on Q3 Fiscal Update

 EDMONTON –New Democrat Finance critic Brian Mason released the following statement in response to the government’s Q3 Fiscal Update:

“Alberta is in the situation it is today because the PCs squandered our unprecedented resource revenue in the good years and now they want regular Albertans to pay for their mistakes as they get ready to make huge cuts to public services and programs.
“No matter the price of oil, our kids need schools to learn in and teachers to teach them, our families need accessible health care and our seniors need affordable long term care homes.
“Instead of making hard-working Albertans pay the price for PC mistakes, we need to protect our future with a sustainable, fair revenue system where very wealthy Albertans and corporations pay their fair share.
“By continuing to threaten the public sector as a way to make up for lost revenue, the PCs are proving they are out of touch with what Albertans want.”