NDP launch text message campaign to connect with students on GSAs

EDMONTON – Today, NDP Education critic Deron Bilous put out a call for students to text their experiences trying to set up Gay-Straight Alliances in their schools, to provide real information about life on the ground for students who are trying to combat bullying.

The NDP has set up a special phone number that will allow students to text in their thoughts and experiences.
“We know, from talking to students around the province that there are students that have tried to start up anti-bullying clubs and GSAs and they’ve been stopped. We want to hear directly from those students the impact this has had on them and bring those experiences forward to the Legislature,” said Bilous.
A private member’s bill is set to be introduced this fall that would require schools boards to supports GSAs. In the spring, both PC and Wildrose MLAs voted against a motion. The NDP continues to call on the PCs to support GSAs.
“This government is making things harder for Alberta students, and they don’t need to. The PCs need to start putting students’ needs first.  It simply doesn’t make sense to me why we wouldn’t try to make our schools the best they can be, to help protect our kids from bullying and prepare them for life in a diverse world,” said Bilous.
Students can text their stories to 587-410-5790.