NDP Leader Rachel Notley calls health care premiums a regressive tax

EDMONTON – Today NDP Leader Rachel Notley called health care premiums regressive and called on the PCs to implement a fair taxation that would have every Albertan pay their fair share.

“Health care premiums would certainly hit vulnerable Albertans the hardest. Before the province even considers reintroducing them, our flat tax system needs to be fixed. We are the only province in the country that still relies on this method that forces middle income Albertans to shoulder a disproportionate amount of the financial burden,” said Notley.
Notley’s comments come after Finance Minister, Robin Campbell announced the PCs are strongly considering reintroducing the health care premiums that were eliminated in 2009.
“This is another example of the PCs making regular, hard-working Albertans pay for the government’s mistakes. Forcing Albertans to pay health care premiums directly- as the PCs have proposed- would be a very clear shift from corporate Alberta on to individual Albertans,” said Notley.
“The Premier is proving once again that he is out of touch with what Albertans want and what Alberta families need moving forward.”