NDP Leader Rachel Notley releases critic, committee assignments

EDMONTON – New Democrat Leader Rachel Notley released critic and committee assignments for her caucus today, with an increased focus on housing and the status of women.


“Albertans want this province to be fair, they want Alberta to be a province where everyone has a safe place to call home,” Notley said. “During our leadership race, David Eggen called for a portfolio focusing on women’s issues. It was a good idea. By naming a critic responsible for women’s issues and a critic for housing, the New Democrats are committing to bring those priorities forward throughout the upcoming session. We are committing to Albertans that we will bring forward the issues that matter, not be bound by the government’s agenda.
“It is with that in mind that I’ve decided to take on the Health care portfolio. Alberta urgently needs leadership on that file, and I’m confident that I’ll be able to deliver.”
Notley said that her caucus will continue to bring forward issues that are important to Alberta families.
“Deron Bilous has proved to be an effective voice for schools and students in Education, and I’m pleased that he’s committed to continuing that work.
“David Eggen has long been one of the hardest-working members of the Legislature. I know that he will continue to bring that kind of work ethic in Human Services and Seniors.
“Finally, I’m very pleased that Brian Mason will be taking on Energy and Environment,” Notley said. “Brian has always rejected the notion that we can’t protect our air and our water and create jobs at the same time and that’s the perspective that these files need in Alberta.”

Click here for a complete list of critic and committee assignments.