NDP Leader Rachel Notley releases statement on Parkland Institute report on gender income inequality

EDMONTON – New Democrat Leader Rachel Notley released the following statement in response to the Parkland Institute report on gender income inequality:

“I’m very disappointed to see the gap between what men and women are paid in this province is growing, however I’m not surprised.
“The NDP have known about this issue for a long time and when I became leader of the NDP, I created a Status of Women critic portfolio for this very reason. Women in Alberta are not being treated fairly and that means Alberta families are suffering.
“Instead of taking steps to close the gap, this PC government is waging a war against public sector jobs, dominated by women. Prentice is proving that he is out of touch with what Alberta families need.
“There are a number of contributors to this problem but one solution is to overhaul our child care system to ensure that affordable quality spaces are available to all those women who would like to be in the workforce.”