NDP social media campaign pressures PC candidates to oppose the Prentice Plan

The NDP launched an interactive social media campaign to put pressure on more PC candidates to speak out against Jim Prentice’s corporate tax giveaways.

Yesterday’s news that PC candidate Thomas Lukaszuk countered Jim Prentice’s hardline policy on corporate taxes indicates that PC candidates are feeling the heat. 69% of Albertans are in favour of increasing corporate taxes.

In response to Lukaszuk, the Prentice Campaign released a statement saying they encourage all candidates to share their views about the Prentice Plan with Prentice himself.

The NDP is encouraging people to put pressure on PC candidates to send Jim Prentice a message: Albertans don’t want him to balance the budget on the backs of families while large corporations keep their generous tax breaks.

The campaign can be seen at albertandp.ca/target

If Prentice’s Charity Tax Credit flip-flop from yesterday is any indication, putting pressure on the PCs might just work to get results for Albertans.