Notley calls Prentice’s eclipse of the Sunshine List regressive

EDMONTON –In breaking the PC promise to ensure that high ranking officials employed by Alberta’s boards and agencies are covered by  sunshine rules, Prentice is proving that nothing has changed under his management and his PC government will continue to protect the high salaries of government friends and insiders at the expense of transparency and accountability,  said NDP Leader Rachel Notley.

“Prentice has returned to the PCs' happy place of secrecy and entitlement at breakneck speed, proving that he doesn't understand regular Alberta families. While warning Albertans that they will feel the impact of government budget cuts, he’s committed to hiding outrageous salaries of PC friends and insiders from voter scrutiny,” said Notley.

Notley was reacting to a report released today that the Premier has reconsidered and decided the PCs will not force arm’s length bodies like Alberta Health Services and post-secondary institutes to disclose salaries over $100,000, even though the PC government committed to doing just that, last year.
“This government has a record of paying out millions of dollars in salaries and bonuses to employees of arm’s length organizations. These are salaries that are being paid with public dollars and the only way for Albertans to know that what these employees are being paid is fair, is to report it,” said Notley.
Alberta is one of only two Canadian provinces that refuse to report the salaries of arm’s length bodies.