Notley continues commitment to growth in Calgary

CALGARY- On her first visit to Calgary as New Democrat leader, Rachel Notley said that the city is a priority for the party and that New Democrats will build on the work done in these by-elections.

"I started my leadership campaign here and today I'm back to tell Calgarians that the New Democrats are committed to building on the work that was done by our three fantastic candidates in these by-elections," Notley said. "The candidates who are running for us here are the next generation of Calgarians - intelligent, young professionals who know that Albertans deserve better.
"Our values are Calgary's values - we believe in investing in services for Alberta families. We believe in building the necessary infrastructure to build a vibrant Calgary. And, for the thousands of people in Calgary who are tired of PC promises and looking for a progressive alternative to the Wildrose, the New Democrats are ready to be that alternative."
Notley pointed to her response to skyrocketing rents in Calgary as evidence that the concerns of Calgarians are shared by the Alberta New Democrats.
"We're the only party willing to take a strong, well-researched, feasible position on how to deal with rents that are no longer affordable for too many Calgarians," Notley said.
Notley was elected leader of the Alberta New Democrats on Saturday evening and yesterday traveled to Calgary to support the party's by-election candidates in the final week of their campaigns. 
Notley spent Wednesday evening knocking on doors with Calgary-Foothills candidate, Jennifer Burgess.
"We have three amazing candidates working very hard in Calgary to make sure people know what the New Democrats stand for. Growing this party here in Calgary is a top priority for me as leader and I'm proud of the work we've started with these great candidates. But we're not finished here yet."