Notley demands apology from Prentice for blaming Albertans

EDMONTON – NDP Leader Rachel Notley made the following statement in response to Premier Prentice’s inflammatory remarks yesterday, suggesting Albertans are to blame for the province’s fiscal situation.

“Yesterday, Mr. Prentice said that, when asking who is responsible for the government’s problems, Albertans need only to look in the mirror.
"When Albertans look in the mirror, I can tell you what they see.
They see someone who is working harder than ever to make ends meet. They see someone who doesn’t want their loved ones suffering as they wait to be seen for unending hours in an emergency room. They see someone who cares that their kids get a quality education and have a bright future ahead of them.
"Perhaps we should be asking what Mr. Prentice would see if he looked in the mirror.
"He would see the leader of a tired 43-year-old government that has squandered our resource wealth. He would see a leader who is telling Albertans they will pay more to get less, while giving their money away in tax breaks to big banks, large corporations and high-income Albertans. He would see a leader who insists that Albertans have enjoyed the “best of everything”, while turning a blind eye to our bursting emergency rooms, overcrowded schools and seniors waiting for a long-term care bed.
"I think if Mr. Prentice was honest, he’d take a long look at the PC record and realize he cannot blame hard-working Albertans for PC mistakes and failures.
"These comments are offensive and simply wrong. Albertans expect better than this from their Premier. Mr. Prentice needs to issue an immediate apology to the people of Alberta and retract his remarks."