Notley introduces Private Members’ Bill to promote value-added, fair resource royalties

EDMONTON – New Democrat Leader Rachel Notley has introduced a Private Members’ Bill to promote full and fair resource royalties in Alberta and encourage the creation of sustainable jobs by upgrading natural resources in the province.

“It’s time for the PC fire sale of our resources to be put to the test. Natural resources belong to all of us and the government has a responsibility to ensure that Albertans are getting the very best value for resources that we own,” said Notley.

Bill 209, the “Resource Owners Rights Act” (Commission to Safeguard Albertans’ Interests in Natural Resources Act),would establish an independent commission that would evaluate the long-term sustainable management of natural resources including royalty rates and upgrading raw resources to keep jobs in Alberta.

The commission would be required to report to Albertans annually on their return on royalties and on the proportion of resources that are processed in the province.

“As a bank executive, Mr. Prentice would have ensured that shareholders received a fair return on their investment—why wouldn’t he want to make the same efforts to ensure citizens receive a fair return on the resources they own?” Notley asked.