Notley outlines NDP caucus priorities for Fall Session

CALGARY – Today, the Alberta NDP caucus held their pre-session caucus meeting in Calgary to discuss their priorities for the upcoming fall session.

“Going into this session, we fundamentally believe that Albertans deserve better than more PC broken promises,” Notley said. “Albertans are frustrated by a government that promises big and delivers nothing.”

The fall session will be Rachel Notley’s first legislative session as leader of the Alberta New Democrats. Notley will continue to focus the party on holding the PCs accountable, especially on issues related to education and healthcare.

"55 of the PC MLAs in the legislature were elected on promises to increase funding to education, build many new long-term care homes and eliminate child poverty to name a few. They've broken every one of those promises. If the PCs don’t start delivering on their promises, the so-called new management of PC Incorporated will be revealed again as just an untrustworthy salesman.

“The PCs continue to make big promises – schools, seniors facilities, changes to health care, but we deserve better. Albertans want realistic, sustainable solutions they can plan their lives around and put their trust in.”