Notley statement on International Women’s Day

EDMONTON – NDP Leader Rachel Notley made the following statement on International Women’s Day:

"Today Mr. Prentice admitted to Albertans that PC governments have failed – failed to budget properly and failed to protect public services.

But Mr. Prentice didn’t announce plans to fix these problems.
Instead, he announced they would continue to stand by while the health care crisis gets worse.

On top of that, at a time when Albertans are worried about their jobs, Jim Prentice wants them to pay an extra tax, out of their own pockets, for healthcare.

Without an improvement in services, anyone who has sat in a hospital with a loved one waiting for care, knows that Mr. Prentice’s proposal tonight is nothing more than a Waiting Room Tax.

It’s clear that this government is intent on forcing Albertans to pay more and get less while large profitable banks and corporations keep their generous tax breaks.

Jim Prentice is out of touch with Alberta families.

The government’s own survey shows that Albertans want to see corporations pay their fair share, but the PCs are refusing to cancel their corporate tax giveaways.

Leadership means listening to Albertans, but Jim Prentice is ignoring them.

He wants to balance the budget on the backs of Alberta families, while his corporate friends keep their generous tax breaks and luxury golf courses.

That’s not the kind of leadership Albertans need or expect.

We think it’s time for a new kind of leadership that listens to Albertans and puts their families first."