Notley to introduce motion calling on government to phase out coal in Alberta

EDMONTON – NDP Leader Rachel Notley will introduce a motion today, calling on the government to implement a strategy that would phase out coal in Alberta.

“The evidence is clear that it is time to phase out coal powered electricity in the province in Alberta. Coal is one of the single largest pollutants in Alberta. It costs our health care millions of dollars every year and is a massive source of greenhouse gas emissions,” said Notley.
The motion urges the government to commit to the immediate study and drafting of a plan to phase-out coal-generated power in Alberta by 2030.
“Alberta continues to burn more coal that the rest of the country, combined. It’s time to make a tangible commitment to phasing out coal, ensuring a brighter, more sustainable future for our children and our grandchildren,” said Notley.
“The Premier has referred to phasing out coal as the ‘right thing to do’. I’m urging Jim Prentice and this PC government to follow through with that sentiment, do the right thing and protect this province so that future generations can continue to enjoy it.”