EDMONTON- Questions in the Kenney residency scandal are mounting, and Kenney has not made himself available to answer them. Here are questions Albertans deserve answers to:

Lease – Did Jason Kenney file, as is required by Parliament, a copy of his residential lease from the Calgary supportive living facility? If so, was he actually listed on the lease as a tenant? [1]

Residential Agreement– Did Jason Kenney sign a residential services agreement with Bonavista Village Retirement Community as a resident of the facility as required by Alberta’s Supportive Living Accommodation Licensing Regulations? Those regulations state, “An operator shall ensure that a residential services agreement is signed by each resident or the resident’s representative and by an authorized representative of the supportive living accommodation”? [2]

Accounting his stay with retirement community – Did Jason Kenney inform the operator of the seniors’ supportive living facility of his daily arrival and departure from the facility, so that the operator of the facility could account for every resident on a daily basis, as is required by Alberta’s Supportive Living Accommodation Standards?[3]

Declaration – Did Jason Kenney declare, in writing, his living situation in Calgary as his primary residence to the Chief Financial Officer of the Parliament of Canada?


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