Past time to axe flat tax: Notley

EDMONTON – As the Premier continues to muse about finally getting rid of the flat tax, NDP Leader Rachel Notley continued to call the flat tax an unfair, regressive tax that hurts families and called on the PCs to make it clear what they intend to do about revenue.

“Last week it was a sales tax, this week it’s a flat tax,” Notley said. “We don’t know where Prentice will go next with all his trial balloons, but we do know that an end to the flat tax is a crucial piece of finally getting our revenue on stable footing. By failing to do this years ago, the PCs gambled our prosperity and our future. It’s simply past time to axe the flat tax.”
Notley noted that Alberta is the only province in Canada with a flat personal income tax.
“I see how hard the middle-income families in this province work every day. They plan for their futures, they work to maintain their homes and put their kids through school. It’s long past time for the government to do the same.”