PC hospitals as hollow as their promises

CALGARY - PC hospital projects are literally a façade according to a document obtained by the New Democrats. The NDP released an internal AHS document today that shows nearly 600,000 square feet of hospital space - an area equal to 34 NHL hockey rinks - is standing empty and unused, while Alberta hospitals operate at over 100% capacity.

"The PCs are letting down families," said Joe Ceci, NDP candidate for Calgary-Fort. "The PCs make shiny health care promises and then pat themselves on the back and call the job done once they've put the walls up. Albertans deserve so much better than empty hospitals.

The documents show 8 sites with "shelled space" across the province, including 4 hospitals in Calgary where shells have been built but remain completely empty despite a serious capacity issue in city hospitals.

Calgary South Health Campus
15,377 square metres (165,517 square feet)

Rockyview General Hospital
9,100 square metres (97,952 square feet)

Peter Lougheed Centre
7,750 square metres (83,420 square feet)

Foothills Medical Centre McCaig Pavilion
2,940 square metres (31,646 square feet)

There are people in our city waiting months to be scheduled for surgeries but this prime space is just being wasted," said Ceci. "Clearly ensuring that Calgary families have access to health care is not a priority for the PCs."