PC Priorities: Pay us first, we’ll pay you later

EDMONTON – Today, New Democrat Leader Rachel Notley asked why it only takes 9 hours to implement taxes that will burden Alberta families – but tax credits for Alberta’s most vulnerable families won’t be implemented for at least 15 months.

“Not only is this double standard troubling but based on this PC government’s record when it comes to past promises on anti-poverty initiatives, we shouldn’t be surprised if the tax credit is never actually implemented.
During the last election, the PCs promised the Child Poverty Action Plan, which was all but abandoned as soon as the election was over.
“This government has squandered our resource revenue for years and now they are balancing the budget on the back of Alberta families through a Mortgage Tax, a Driving Tax, a Wedding Tax and a Death Tax to name a few. These new taxes are going to cost families now, while the family tax credit will likely be added to the list of PC broken promises,” said Notley.
The 2015 budget also saw the PCs cut approximately $50 million from a variety of programs aimed at protecting children at risk, in the same year that a record number of children receiving government services have died.
“If this government truly cared about vulnerable children and families in this province they would protect them before protecting wealthy corporations. It’s clear this government has the wrong priorities,” said Notley.