PC’s health announcements too little, too late: NDP

EDMONTON – In an attempt to change the channel, the PC Government continued to dole out feel-good pre-election announcements today, but their promises fell far short of what is really needed to fix the healthcare crisis Alberta is facing.

“We are concerned that the funding proposed for our massive health care deficit is nowhere near enough to dig us out of the hole the PC Government has put us in, let alone improve the situation,” said Notley.

AHS’ own preservation lists show that as of today, there is over $1 billion dollars in overdue maintenance projects at hospitals throughout Alberta. 

“The PCs have failed to maintain our hospitals when times were good and money was coming in. How can they expect Albertans to trust them to fix the problem now?” said Notley.

“While we’re pleased to see that the Calgary Cancer Centre is going ahead, this government has a long history of making promises at election time and then failing to follow through with them once they’ve been elected. For the sake of Southern Albertans I hope this project gets off the ground, but I’m not holding my breath.”

A document obtained through FOIP shows 17 “urgent high priority projects”. Notley noted that of the 17 projects, the PCs approved only one.